Monday, July 06, 2009

Numbers - 4th of July edition

Dude! Since the last time we spoke, I:
  1. Didn't do my haiku Friday, for the first time, in like four years of blogging.
  2. Went out to at least four bars.
  3. Celebrated the fourth at two bar b ques.
  4. Unpacked and put away all but two of the boxes - so that means about twenty or so.
  5. Hung out in Fort Greene park for about four or five hours on Sunday, just sitting, lounging and reading.
  6. Read one book.
  7. Had a slice for dinner for this time in about three years - nice to have slices close to the pad again!
  8. Made my first meal in the new apartment - breakfast.


Randi said...

Productive, yo! I truly missed your Haiku Friday.

mil said...

me too!

and how many coats of paint did the world famous BABE paint on the old and new apartment livingrooms?