Thursday, July 02, 2009


All right, since Coodence's World is apparently the blog for and about movers and moving in NYC, I might as well continue the trend.
  • We moved yesterday.
  • Movers came at 11:15, instead of 9am as planned. They moved our stuff til 4:45. It cost about $800.00. Does that seem like a lot to you? It does to me. But guess what? It was totally worth it.
  • After we were moved in, we had lunch (dinner) at The Speakeasy, one block down. $3 pale ale, outside! Seriously! We'll be there a lot.
  • Stayed up last night and unpacked a little less than half of the boxes. I aim to get at least 15 more done tonight. GO COD!!!
  • Babe is a painting machine! He's totally painting our new spot, then has to run back and paint the old one, too.
  • You'd like the new place. It's nice. The floor is shiny and new. It's neat as a pin, too.

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