Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Harper's Island **Spoilers**

Did any of you guys watch this show? Babe and I were intrigued by the promos, and the creepy little girl's voice at the end of each commercial. "One by one."

So, we set the DVR and watched. The show has a good premise, a boat full of rich people go to a small island in the pacific northwest for a fancy, fancy wedding at a creepy old hotel. The island, Harper's Island, was summer home to the groom and permanent home to the best friend of the groom (Abby, cute girl next door type). Last time they were on the island, John Wakefield murdered Abby's mother. Her dad, the sheriff, killed Wakefield and Abby hasn't been back to the island since.

Anyways, she totally goes back and all of a sudden people start dying (one by one). It's terrificly horrible to watch, lots of bad acting, screaming, knife fights, running, and one scary little girl.

You all know I love my horror films, books, and shows, so it should be no surprise that I give Harper's Island a thumbs up. Plus, it was a contained little series, something like 12 episodes, so you get in, see the action, and get out before getting too caught up in relationships and characters.

The finale was terrific, and there is an incredible scene where Tricia (the blushing bride) puts on her wedding dress that she never got to wear because too many people died to make the wedding really seem like a good idea. The minute she zips up the beautiful dress, you know she is going to get murdered. And there she is, running through the woods in this hot little wedding dress straight towards the murderer. Man, that was good TV.

(If you click the link, the picture up right now is her in her wedding dress. Click it!)


Jessicurl said...

This would be more awesome if the John Wakefield murderer guy was actually related to Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield of Sweet Valley High fame.

I should write for TV!

Randi said...

Oh my god, Jessica is out of her mind. Sweet Valley Twins? Really?

Jessicurl said...

One day the world (especially Randi) will realize that I am a genius, ahead of my time.

Julia said...

I have see only the first episode but now i want know who the murderer is....please say the name xD
thank you