Friday, July 31, 2009

Haiku Beer with the President Friday

Three different beers?
Usually, everyone drinks
the same kind of beer.

I would've gone for
Miller High Life - the Champagne
of beers. So classy!

Or, of course, Six Point
Sweet Action. Makes friends out of
enemies. Drink up.


Randi said...

Beer - it's mother's milk
It's been a week and a half
Since it's hit my lips
It tastes so good, man
Budweiser in a can or
Bottles of Fat Tire
It's truly a shame
Moderation is foreign
Concept-wise to me

Nancy gurl said...

I love the fact that the White House has 3 types of beer, Blue Moon to boot!

Mmmm.....Blue Moon

Ma said...

I was surprised that the President chose Bud Light. He must not be much of a beer drinker (no offense, Randi).
He probably doesn`t have much time,being the President and all.
Love, Ma

mil said...

yeah for Blue Moon---my fav !