Thursday, July 23, 2009


Back from my work retreat, ya'all.

No praying, no boy kissing, no trust walks. All in all, a success!

My boss is a ridiculous cook. We ate (for example):
  • a salad of crisp apples, fresh fennel, sliced pecorino
  • a potato salad of baby yukon potatoes, delicious olive oil, fresh herbs and spices
  • about sixteen local cheeses
  • the richest and most decadent home made chocolate cake I've ever had
  • about five or six different kinds of mini muffins (peach ginger, snickerdoodle, rhubarb) and scones. God her scones are amazing.
  • Beef grilled and marinated to perfection
  • pasta with fresh pesto
Yah, seriously. That's just to name a few.


Nancy gurl said...

I need all of that--RIGHT now

mil said...

YUM!!!! can you sneak me in next year when you go?

Drew said...

VB made all that? Damn.