Friday, July 31, 2009

Haiku Beer with the President Friday

Three different beers?
Usually, everyone drinks
the same kind of beer.

I would've gone for
Miller High Life - the Champagne
of beers. So classy!

Or, of course, Six Point
Sweet Action. Makes friends out of
enemies. Drink up.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Antther thing I've been looking at a lot lately

I've been talking about this for a long time, and sometimes even link to it, but I don't know if you guys check it out:

The Big Picture by the Boston Globe
: Right now they have some awesome pics of the recent solar eclipse, the tour de france, and it looks like today they have pics of lightning. Though, if you live in NYC you don't need a photographer to show you lightning since clearly we live inside of a tropical storm/hurricane/tornado on the east coast right now.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Two funny videos

Many of you have seen these, but just in case you haven't:

Things I see when I look around me

  • Moonstruck DVD - loaned it out, now its back.
  • My Sigg, a gift from Sashie that I just love.
  • A personalized Thank You card from one my Research Assistants who recently left.
  • My blackberry, of course.
  • A little bottle of hempz moisturizer from my MIL.
  • The usual work items: phone, pen cup, mouse, notebook, folders, stapler, tape, paper clips, etc. Post-its.
  • This candle I keep on my desk but don't burn because I never want the smell to go away. It's a Bluewick candle that smells like "Asian Mango Nectar" but to me it just smells like the first kissing kooler I ever had when I was a kid.
  • A collection of miniature things, to my left, like a tiny Eiffel tower from Danielle, various dinosaurs and animals, a little snowman made of clay, an alien or two. Shoes from Holland. That kind of thing. I'd say about 25 or so total.
  • A cork board with phone numbers and calendars on it, with my button from Randi's bachelorette party, a pic of me and Babe from Berlin, a picture of the house I grew up in, a picture of my niece, a photo of my ma from the 60s, and a few other choice items.
  • My coffee.
Y tu? What do you see?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


We went to Megu for restaurant week last night. It's a huge restaurant, with multiple floors and a huge Buddha made of ice. Every day, they replace the ice sculpture buddha.

When we left, one of my pals said, "I just looked up Megu on my iphone. In Japanese, it means mediocre." I said "Really?!"

Cuz I'm dumb.

But I believed him because the food was mediocre. The service was a little silly. The tables were a little too grand. The portions were too, too, too small. And it was too expensive. And the green tea pie for dessert was nasty.

But we had a good time, anyways, and restaurant week is a great time to try out new restaurants and hang out with friends. Or something like that.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Numbers - Beautiful Brooklyn Weekend Edition III

Since we last chatted, I:
  • Saw and LOVED the sixth Harry Potter movie. Made me want to re-read them all over again, which could be a real blessing you guys since I've been re-reading the same 17 books since January 1st.
  • Hung out on the terrace on the 14th floor and my friend's roof above the 16th floor.
  • Played threesies.
  • Bought one new couch and three screens for my apartment.
  • Had one beer at Havana Outpost, shared one pitcher at Gowanus Yacht Club. Those two places seem so similar but couldn't be more opposite. Both have outdoor spots, both are casual, both serve beer and food. Both are in Brooklyn. But that has got to be where the similarities end. Where the Havana Outpost is chock full of absolutely gorgeous people, Gowanus was full to the brim with really, really unattractive people. Mutants at Table 9 unattractive. Where the Havana Outpost serves delicious beer for dirt cheap ($2.50 for a six point) Gowanus charges $6.00 for a beer. Where the Havana Outpost smells like the food they are cooking, Gowanus smells that garbage. Trash. Blech.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Haiku Staycation Friday

Big plans, babe and me.
To take today off of work
And have some stay-cay.

But he had to work.
An architect's job? Never done.
Summertime's busy.

Mellow weekend planned.
Staying in town, in Brooklyn.
Third week in a row!

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Back from my work retreat, ya'all.

No praying, no boy kissing, no trust walks. All in all, a success!

My boss is a ridiculous cook. We ate (for example):
  • a salad of crisp apples, fresh fennel, sliced pecorino
  • a potato salad of baby yukon potatoes, delicious olive oil, fresh herbs and spices
  • about sixteen local cheeses
  • the richest and most decadent home made chocolate cake I've ever had
  • about five or six different kinds of mini muffins (peach ginger, snickerdoodle, rhubarb) and scones. God her scones are amazing.
  • Beef grilled and marinated to perfection
  • pasta with fresh pesto
Yah, seriously. That's just to name a few.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Off to Connecticut for the work retreat. Should be a good time, no trust walks though.

Me and Ang used to go to a lot of retreats when we were youngsters. Not little but teens. Trust walks, lotsa praying and boy kissing.

This retreat is not going to be like that.

Monday, July 20, 2009


And happy birthday, Samoi!
Hope your day is bitchen.

Numbers - Beautiful Brooklyn Weekend Edition II

Since we last chatted, I:
  1. Checked out this burger spot, Zaitzeff, for a pal's going away party. The burgers were delicious - I got three sliders on a delicious Portuguese roll with grilled onions and cheddar. The service was ATROCIOUS, I mean really, really bad. The cherry on top was when the waitress sweetly slid the check over and said, "we've already include 20% gratuity since your party is so large." Of course you are.
  2. Had a drink at this bar, 2A, in the east village. (Guess which corner?) Great spot, reminded me that there are still cool bars in Manhattan, and that you don't have to always be in Brooklyn to have a good time.
  3. Went to the fourth annual Great Hot Dog Cook off in our nabe. Different chefs roll out their top dog creation and everyone tries them. There were nineteen total, we probably tried seven or so. I think the favorite for me was the hot dog with jelly & pepper jack cheese on a croissant. YUM.
  4. Went to a pal's 26th birthday party.
  5. Had two for one six point sweet action at Moe's.
  6. Took it easy for the 2nd or 3rd weekend in a row. Holler!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Haiku Friday

Mid-July weekend
hopefully means lots of sun
and some "day drinking."

New term I just learned.
Didn't know it had a name.
Makes me laugh, kinda.

Going away din,
hot dog cook-off, birthday, too.
Super big weekend!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sweet Valley High

Thankfully, I got pulled into meetings before I could blog today. I was planning to blog about the philharmonic in prospect park which I went to last night (totally rad), but instead found myself inspired by Jessicurl & Randi's comments around yesterday's post.

Sweet Valley High. Me and Ang read all of these - loved the hell out of them. The one I remember the most, though, is number five, I think, where the sorta deaf teen tried drugs and had a heart attack. Anyone? Catherine I think was her name?? Looks like they made a show around these books later, but for girls in my generation it was just these books. Thank god for Francine Pascal.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Harper's Island **Spoilers**

Did any of you guys watch this show? Babe and I were intrigued by the promos, and the creepy little girl's voice at the end of each commercial. "One by one."

So, we set the DVR and watched. The show has a good premise, a boat full of rich people go to a small island in the pacific northwest for a fancy, fancy wedding at a creepy old hotel. The island, Harper's Island, was summer home to the groom and permanent home to the best friend of the groom (Abby, cute girl next door type). Last time they were on the island, John Wakefield murdered Abby's mother. Her dad, the sheriff, killed Wakefield and Abby hasn't been back to the island since.

Anyways, she totally goes back and all of a sudden people start dying (one by one). It's terrificly horrible to watch, lots of bad acting, screaming, knife fights, running, and one scary little girl.

You all know I love my horror films, books, and shows, so it should be no surprise that I give Harper's Island a thumbs up. Plus, it was a contained little series, something like 12 episodes, so you get in, see the action, and get out before getting too caught up in relationships and characters.

The finale was terrific, and there is an incredible scene where Tricia (the blushing bride) puts on her wedding dress that she never got to wear because too many people died to make the wedding really seem like a good idea. The minute she zips up the beautiful dress, you know she is going to get murdered. And there she is, running through the woods in this hot little wedding dress straight towards the murderer. Man, that was good TV.

(If you click the link, the picture up right now is her in her wedding dress. Click it!)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

McSorley's Monday

Last night, we had a wee going away party for a couple of the RAs here at work. It was super fun and a beautiful night outside on the roof. We played cornhole and I totally lost.

Then, because we are just completely unable to leave well enough alone, we went out for a drink or two (two?) to McSorley's Ale House in the east village. Barely in the east village. Anyways, I'm telling you because it's super old and pretty famous and I'd never been there been there before. It was a pretty dope bar, to tell you the truth. Far as I can tell, they only have two things: McSorley's light and McSorley's dark. You order by saying either light, or dark, and they bring you two tiny mugs of beer.

The unfortunate thing about tiny mugs of beer is you really feel like you can have a couple with no trouble.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Numbers - Beautiful Brooklyn Weekend Edition

Since we last chatted, I:
  1. Spent my 2nd weekend in my new apartment. I love it. Love it, love it, love it.
  2. Went to my friend's thirtieth birthday party at The Deity in Brooklyn. Awesome place, ridiculously fun party.
  3. Watched The Dark Knight on Friday night, for the second time in like two weeks (thank you HBO on demand!). I didn't love it when I saw it in the theater (I mean I liked it, but I didn't love it) but now I kinda really do. I can't get over Heath Ledger as the scariest villain on the planet. Why so serious, son??
  4. Played in Fort Greene park for two hours on Sunday.
  5. Bought beets and fresh garlic and cherries at the Farmer's Market (cherries - $4.50, beets & garlic - $5.00 or so).
  6. Went to the red hook taco trucks - at the Brooklyn Flea! YUM. Got a huarache with beef for $6.00.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Haiku Friday

Happy Friday, ya'all!
We totally made it, yo.
Sort of a big week.

Gotta lotta work
to do and got a lot done.
The house is unpacked.

Brooklyn weekend - YES.
Birthday party, park sitting.
Really big plans, dudes.

Thursday, July 09, 2009


Things I like, or care about:
  1. Vampire Books
  2. The Yankees
  3. My Ipod
  4. Living right above the subway
  5. Michelle Obama
Things I don't like, or don't care about:
  1. Bernie Madoff, or his wife.
  2. Hefeweizen
  3. John & Kate
  4. Cats
  5. Shrimp Burgers

Wednesday, July 08, 2009


I've been trying to be real cool, you know? I keep telling people, dudes! Don't worry about it, we still have two whole months of summer. Guess what? Summer is flying by here people. I think part of it is because here in Nueva York it rained the entire month of June. So I think that made it seem like summer hadn't officially began. Well, it has.

In any case, here's what I still have to do this summer:
  • Go to more baseball games.
  • Go to the new beer garden in Queens.
  • Sit in the park a few more times. Like ten.
  • Go to prospect park for the symphony in the park.
  • Check out the Staten Island Yankees OR just go see the Cyclones.
  • Go to Wisconsin for vacay.
  • Stop working so much.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Happy Birthday, Sashie!

Happy Birthday to one of my favorite people on earth. This is the cover of our next album, by the way. that dirt in our fridge?...

Babe and I are professional subletters. We come in, watch your pad, love it up, and leave it when you want it back. It's how we do. We sublet the last place from the last guy for two years, and are now onto a new sublet situation.

We're not the type of subletters who sublet furnished apartments, no. We come with our own stuff. Of course, as landlord, it is your prerogative to leave a few things behind. Our last landlord basically ran out of the apartment with the last of his stuff trailing behind him. He left us: coffee table books about NYC (awesome), his shower curtain (totally gross), and the biggest piece of furniture ever known to humankind - the wardrobe that the chronicles of Narnia were based on. That we used to store every DVD, CD, game, party paraphanelia, general paraphanelia, and other entertainment goods we have ever owned. We also climbed in occasionally to hang out with Mr. Tumnus. But that is neither here nor there.

This new landlord left the apartment clean and spotless, but did leave us: an acoustic guitar on a guitar stand, a most random piece of pottery that I can't figure out exactly what to do with, some socks, and a tupperware full of coffee grounds in the fridge. He's kind of a gardener type, so, as Babe and I were enjoying our beers sitting outside at the Speakeasy after moving in all day, he asked, "Hey, Babe? Is that dirt in the fridge? That MD left us? In that plastic thing?" It's not, Babe. It's just coffee.

That I'm going to drink out of a vase while playing my guitar wearing MD's old socks.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Numbers - 4th of July edition

Dude! Since the last time we spoke, I:
  1. Didn't do my haiku Friday, for the first time, in like four years of blogging.
  2. Went out to at least four bars.
  3. Celebrated the fourth at two bar b ques.
  4. Unpacked and put away all but two of the boxes - so that means about twenty or so.
  5. Hung out in Fort Greene park for about four or five hours on Sunday, just sitting, lounging and reading.
  6. Read one book.
  7. Had a slice for dinner for this time in about three years - nice to have slices close to the pad again!
  8. Made my first meal in the new apartment - breakfast.

Thursday, July 02, 2009


All right, since Coodence's World is apparently the blog for and about movers and moving in NYC, I might as well continue the trend.
  • We moved yesterday.
  • Movers came at 11:15, instead of 9am as planned. They moved our stuff til 4:45. It cost about $800.00. Does that seem like a lot to you? It does to me. But guess what? It was totally worth it.
  • After we were moved in, we had lunch (dinner) at The Speakeasy, one block down. $3 pale ale, outside! Seriously! We'll be there a lot.
  • Stayed up last night and unpacked a little less than half of the boxes. I aim to get at least 15 more done tonight. GO COD!!!
  • Babe is a painting machine! He's totally painting our new spot, then has to run back and paint the old one, too.
  • You'd like the new place. It's nice. The floor is shiny and new. It's neat as a pin, too.