Thursday, June 18, 2009

Yuckin Fankees!

Can I tell you guys, this is the first phone I've ever had with a camera on it. I know, how 1997, right? Even my last blackberry didn't have a camera. The new one does, though, and I'm incredibly impressed with the quality of my photographs. As well as my total awesomeness. Wait, where did I just go for a second there? Anyways, because of my awesome blackberry I was able to take pictures at last night's super fun Yankee game and post them immediately to facebook. My goodness.

The game was super fun, too bad the yankees lost to the worst team in baseball. Sigh. We sat in the bleachers and it was so fun and so rowdy, dudes!! I think I'll sit there from now on.

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Randi said...

That's like the bleachers at a Giants game. Row. Dee.