Monday, June 29, 2009

Numbers - Moving Edition

Since we last talked (barring that post with those storm/sky photos, of course), I:
  1. Drank several beers on the roof during a freak storm in NYC - twelve floors above the ground.
  2. Packed about thirty boxes in the pad. Got rid of about eight bags of garbage. Got together about 5 boxes of stuff to give away. Anyone need a lava lamp?
  3. Went to the Smoke Joint for dinner on Saturday and drank a six point sweet action.
  4. Watched the Yankees win each of three games against the Mets. That's what they call a Sweep, kids.
  5. Went to the Farmer's Market and spent about $25 dollars on: fresh beets, zucchini, cucumbers, squashes of all different sizes, tomatoes and strawberries. The beets were the most delicious food on earth.

1 comment:

Randi said...

I still have my lava lamp in case you get lonely for yours.