Wednesday, June 17, 2009

G*d Dammit, Bill Compton. I love you, too.

Dudes. Did you guys watch the season premiere of True Blood?? Holy mackerel. That was so sexy I blush when I think about it!! Good god, people. Everyone looks at least 10% thinner, 15% more buff, and all around super hot. Anna Paquin is a barbie doll. And believe me, we saw enough of her to know that for sure. That show is trashy AND amazing, just incredible. If you don't watch it, you probably ought to.

Unless you're too scared, which you should be.


Randi said...

I don't have HBO... but I will say this for Anna Paquin - she evolved from quite the ugly duckling into a beautiful swan.

Andrea said...

I stand by my assertion that the faux southern accents are horrid. But goddamn! The trashy of it all makes up for it. I'll admit it.