Thursday, June 04, 2009

Flores rellenos de la calabaza

Yum! Yesterday, Babe and I met with the co-op board so we could move into our new apartment on July 1st. Babe loves his traditions, and so the first time we did this, two years ago, to move into the same co-op, but different apartment, we went to dinner at Bonita on DeKalb. So this time, we went to the same place.

The food there is pretty good for east coast Mexican, their burritos are kind of awesome. Their Sangria sucks a bunch, but I can forgive them that. Anyways, you know all of this, I'm sure, because I've talked about Bonita before and I know you remember everything I write about. What you don't know, though, is that they had this special yesterday called Flores Rellenos de la Calabaza and what this is tiny bits of heaven. Lightly fried squash blossoms with a cilantro salsa. YUM. Want one? Let's go!


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Heck yeah I do! But mostly I want to hear you say that. Don't for get to roll those Rs.