Thursday, May 28, 2009

Huge Sigh of Relief

All that waiting paid off, kids! Dad made it out of the surgery all well and good. We won't know the final, final, final result til one week, but the doctor said "I'd be surprised if it's cancer." I know doctors, and they would never say that kind of thing if they didn't believe it. They are just too cautious to be able to toss around words like that.

Thanks, all, for your well wishes and your support.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming! Back to NYC tomorrow.

What's next?


Randi said...

Hip Hip Hooray for Dad, dude! We're all pulling for him!!!
Love to the family!

mil said...

FIL and I are so happy for your dad, you and the rest of the family!
Love to you ALL!

ceedee said...


Bethany said...

very happy to hear this.
have a good trip back!

Jessicurl said...

YEAH!!!!! I got chills reading this. I am so glad that things are looking up. On to better times.

Lots of love.