Friday, May 08, 2009

Haiku Happy Birthday Nava Friday

Little niecey poo.
It's your birthday all day long.
Can't believe you're six.

First birthday I've missed.
Not so happy about that.
I won't miss again.
First wedding today.
So excited to see it.
Celebrate with friends.


mil said...

instead of throwing rice at the wedding couple (CONGRATS to you "B") you should throw chex party mix at them!!! LOL

Randi said...

Either that or the booze soaked cherries from the lezzzzzzzzbian bar.

Nancy gurl said...

I wish your MIL threw her Chex mix at me!!!!!

Ang said...

Happy Birthday Nava Regina! See you tomorrow! Love, Auntie Angela
Have fun at the wedding dude! I have one tomorrow.