Wednesday, May 13, 2009


You may or may not this, but I dream a lot of weird stuff. I don't usually talk about my dreams on my blog b/c, really, who cares what I dreamt? Babe of course hears all of them and if you're ever in one, I'll tell you. Last night I dreamt one after another of the strangest dreams, including that my computer got a virus, that I was in an old town trying to get a ride somewhere and couldn't find anyone to pick me up, and that something terribly bad was happening to me. I slept like a dead person though and when I woke up, I would have paid ten dollars to stay in bed and not have to go to work today.

Got that? Ten whole dollars.

I decided to treat myself to an orange juice this morning. It's so delicious. All 190 calories of it.


Randi said...

Orange juice truly is one of the best treats.

mil said...

especially when it is in a mimosa! :)

Nancy gurl said...

I once again agree with MIL