Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Dude, Babe and I headed out to Keshena, Wisconsin this past weekend to see my peeps. We got to check out a pow-wow whilst we were there and it was great. I'd like share a few videos with you but I'll need to tech support to figure out how to get them off of kodak share and into google video. Tech support? Are you out there?

Good Lord, it's beautiful here. I mean absolutely gorgeous. Yesterday was nice, too. today takes the cake. Skirt and bare legs out to the world. No tights. The hell you say!

Sat outside and drank a beer last night. I was going to give up beer until these various weddings I'm in, since I have to stand up in front of loads of people in form fitting dresses and a beer belly does not a good bridesmaid make. Yesterday, though, yesterday there was no denying a beer. No denying it.

Happy birthday to Nancy! Happy birthday to Joaquin, too!!!


Nancy gurl said...

The beloved bridesmaid dress, and its purpose, is to never make us look good to begin with. Since I have been a bridesmaid more than a dozen times (at various weights) I have learned it does not matter what YOU look like--hence DRINK BEER!

Randi said...

I beg to differ, Nancoi! I'm a kickass bride and let all my girls pick dresses of their own to make them look all the more glorious.
But since it's your berfday I won't press the issue.

word verifcation: remblog
Sounds like when Animal the Muppet says "Renoir!"

Ang said...

Did you give up candy yet?