Monday, April 13, 2009

Numbers: Easter Feaster edition

Since I last talked to you, I (along with Babe for many):
  • Had a dinner party for thirteen for Easter Feaster.
  • Made one ham.
  • Made sixteen deviled eggs.
  • Had thirty eggs decorated.
  • Slept about three hours last night - not because I stayed up late, just woke at five am and couldn't go back to sleep. Grrr!
  • Read one book.
  • Finished forty invitations for my mom and dad's fortieth. (That's really all Babe right there, but I stuck the stamps and a few other things.)
  • Talked to Jojo for her birthday on April 11.
  • Sent a birthday card to my Grama who is going to be ninety-four.
  • Played two-player guitar hero.


Ma said...

Hi Cod,

Grandma was born in 1916 so that would make her 93 on Thursday. Though I don`t suppose it makes too much difference when you get to be in your nineties if you`re 93 or 94; you`ve lived a long life. Just for the record FDR was her all time favorite president. Remember him? ha, ha.

Also wanted to say publicly, Babe is my hero for doing all that work on the invites. He is too good.
Love, Ma

Randi said...

Those are some BIG numbers dude! Get down on the productivity.