Tuesday, April 07, 2009

My thoughts on Gwen Stefani

As I was playing Guitar Hero last night, I got to thinking about Gwen Stefani. I knew you'd be very interested to hear my thoughts, so here they are:
  • Overall, I like her.
  • I think she's hot but not pretty.
  • I like her fashion sense but also think sometimes her clothes are terrible.
  • I like that she is tall.
  • I like that she was the girl in a band full of boys.
  • I like her make up and that she is always done up.
  • I like that she writes her own songs.
  • I like that she wrote a whole album about getting dumped by her boyfriend, and he was in the band so had to play them all.
  • I don't think she can sing.


Randi said...

Hear Hear!!!

Ang said...

I didn't know you played guitar hero dude?!