It's snowing!

How can it be snowing? It's April.
Speaking of April, it's Babe's and my 13th anniversary today!

April 8, 1996 me and Babe started going out!

That was my overall and doc martin phase, with quite a bit of stripey tights and dark make-up thrown it.

It was his billabong hat and still somewhat short hair + braces and airwalks. Hee.


Randi said…
Sofa king cute, dude! Congratulations to you and Babe.
Ma said…
Happy Anniversary!
What a happy day for all of us when you and Babe met.
Love, Ma
jessicurl said…
Whoa....13 years! Congratulations!

Q5 Nizzle Drizzle.
Ang said…
Happy anniversary dude!
m.i.l. said…
you should have celebrated the big day by eating a bag of cad eggs together!

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