Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Well, well, well

  • Someone learned how to play Guitar Hero yesterday! And that someone is me.
  • Topshop is opening on Thursday. People are freaking out around here!
  • I miss Williamsburg.
  • Cin and Omar are leaving today. They sure were nice to have around. Very fun and easy. (Ahem).
  • Babe and I don't eat out, really. Maybe once a month or so. Unless we are with other peeps. In the last two weeks, I've eaten at: The Smoke Joint, Zaytoon's, Black Betty, Graziella's, Ici, Agua Santa, Maggie Brown's, Le Barricou, and ... ... ... ... can that be it?
  • Now I need to get back on my diet!


Randi said...

Last night I made a skinless chicken breast with measured out servings of black beans and mixed veggies.

Can you believe it??? Me??? Cooking???

Lisa..... said...

That guitar hero is hard, huh?