Tuesday, March 24, 2009

NY Magazine, again

I dig this feature of NY Magazine, too. It's their "deliberately simplified guide to who falls where on their taste hierarchies." Everything gets judged on two different axis - despicable to brilliant, highbrow to lowbrow. The one pictured here is last week. (This week's is not yet available.)

I've learned quite a bit from this feature. I found the Boston Globe Big Picture, which is a weekly feature of, you guessed it, huge pictures. (Like get a load of these pictures of a volcano exploding under water in the South Pacific. Crazy!) And from this week's approval marix, I learned about the following:
  • Russian LOLcats: Cat pictures with captions like "It is imperative we reach the acid baths." (Lowbrow, brilliant). (I can't link to it, because even a cursory web search reveals hundreds of cat pictures and you guys all know how afraid/phobic I am of cats.)
  • That the pope said condom distribution quickens the spread of AIDS. (Despicable)
  • There is a frozen food item called Obama Fingers, which are German chicken fingers named after Obama.


Randi said...

The LOLCats thing... yeah I laugh. I can't help it.

Word Verification: rejuises.

She is out of juice so she rejuises.

Buzz said...

I wonder who the developer of the highbrow lowbrow page would have rather seen casted as Rorshcak. I thought he was awesome.

But he was even better as "Dukes" in Semi-Pro... Can't get much more lowbrow that that son!