Monday, March 23, 2009


Since I last saw you, I:
  • Went to Williamsburg two times. Yup. Two times. We're going to buy flannel sweaters thirteen sizes too small and wear them with skinny jeans. And big shoes.
  • Saw a friend's band, at Cameo in Brooklyn. Babe paid four dollars for a pabst blue ribbon.
  • Went to Le Barricou for brunch with six people I sort of know. Some of them I know well. Some of them not very much.
  • Spent lots of quarters at Barcade, a great bar in Williamsburg with arcade games from the 80s and about twenty beers on tap.
  • Spent a lot of time with Sasha and Babe. Sasha, who I've been friends with for 11 years and Babe, who I've been friends with for 13.


Randi said...

Colonial Williamsburg?

Buzz said...

Colooooooonial Willllliamsburg.

$4 PBR doesn't make sense.