Monday, March 02, 2009


Since we last talked, I:
  • Watched two episodes of The Wire.
  • Had two glasses of wine with friends at this cute bar: Elettaria. They just started a happy hour and it's a beautiful bar with fun, fancy drinks. Check it out.
  • Went out on Saturday night to two places, one I'd been before, and one I never had. Jakewalk and Abilene. Jakewalk is named for some kind of affliction that people used to suffer from during prohibition - due to drinking basically moonshine. The bar is meant to celebrate the end of prohibition. Despite the lame name, the place is really nice. Abilene is an old favorite - I love that bar.
  • Made three dishes of enchiladas, one for dinner and two to freeze.
  • Watched Babe play like seven hours of Mario Galaxy.
What'd you do?

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