Tuesday, March 03, 2009

It's over

Dude, I broke up with Twilight (the series - all four of them!) on Sunday. It's over. We had a good run, but it had to end sometime. Since about November, I've been borderline obsessed. Borderline? Anyways, I've read lots of different books, too, and even watched some TV and movies, but pretty much I've been consistently re-reading Twilight since the first time I read it back in November.

I've tried to figure out why it appeals to be so much, when, at the same time, I totally make fun of it and wouldn't necessarily recommend it to anyone to read. I'm just not sure. I think it makes me think about when I was a teenager, which isn't actually my favorite time of life to think about, but there were some parts of it that were tremendous. Like the butterflies and the crushes and that kind of thing.

And then there's the whole adolescent angst genre which is pretty much my favorite genre (Hellooo Buffy).

The books are heavily flawed - the writing sometimes flat out stinks. (Ask Stephen King, he'll tell you.) They are too long, they are unrealistic, they are ridiculous. But I loved them (particularly the first and the third, by the way) and now we've split up. It's over.


Nancy gurl said...

It's not Twilight, it's you....


Randi said...

I sort of feel that way about Bones. Sometimes it's just so over the top yet it captured my heart in such a big way that I now watch it nightly.
Thank God for DVDs.

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