Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Things I thought of this morning on my way to work

"Recession, Babe!" is what Babe and I say to each other all the time now, when we're deciding what to do or talking about what to buy. We made a list of our various expenses coming up this year and I must say, those words came up quite a bit...I think He's Just Not That Into You looks funny and I think a lot of people secretly do, too...I've been working on a shower for one of the weddings this year (in June in PA) and one of the women suggested a International themed tea party. She said, "So tea & tea cakes (England and other former Eng colonies, like India)." That struck me as kind of funny - isn't India more than just a former English colony? Wasn't it a colony for say maybe 200 years and a country for at least a couple thousand? I'm just asking the questions here people. And didn't Indian people drink tea way before English people did? Wikipedia says yes....I feel pretty good about myself. I've been working my ass off and been keeping in touch with my familials and also having a good time. I haven't been to the gym in ages, though...That's all I could fit into thirty-five minutes.


Randi said...

Wikipedia dude?

Lisa..... said...

Funny. India is a former British colony? And does the same go for Africa? Former _____ colony (insert European country here). People are driving me nuts lately.