Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Babe got me an ipod, did I tell you? It looks just like this little fella on the right. Except cooler because it's real and not a picture.

It has changed my life. I used to have this ghetto tiny little ipod shuffle. Now, now I can choose my music. This morning I listened to Face to Face Live and Fiona Apple Extraordinary Machine. It's just so awesome to be able to choose my songs. I know, welcome to the 21st Century, right?

What did you listen to on your way to work this morning?


ceedee said...

my new favorite thing is the "Genius". Pick a song, and the ipod picks about 20 others that are similar. I also really dig podcasts - I podcast all the NPR shows I miss like Fresh Air and This American Life. Soooo good!

Randi said...

I listened to the radio. In my car.

Lisa..... said...

Kanye West. And my iPod is full. Sux.