Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Blah Blah Blah

I've been dreaming about being a bad bridesmaid - no make-up, falling on the way down the altar. Random, huh?
Jessicurl - are you over me? Why won't you call me back?
Bobby Jindal is the Republican Barack Obama, huh? Not all brown people are the same, guys.
It was so nice to watch the president's speech last night. It was the first time I've sat through an entire speech in eight years. I couldn't stomach Bush for longer than the first five minutes, or the first smirk, whichever came first. And the First Lady is one of my heroes.
Although I am not religious (in fact, I am actively not religious, by choice) I am giving up Candy and Beer for Lent this year. In solidarity with BFF, who is getting married in about three months. I like to be a hot bridesmaid, you know.


Randi said...

Dude, watching Obama speak was like watching an aerobics class. How many standing Os is too many?

m.i.l. said...

okay, i've found something for you to get you in shape for BFF's wedding. go to and sign up for the 3 day -- 60 miles walk for breast cancer! :)

Hung said...

first Slumdog and now Jindal... Indians on a roll!