Monday, February 02, 2009

25 things about me

Forgive me, Facebook friends. You've already seen this. But BFF isn't on Facebook, so I can't tag her, so I have to post this here, too.

1. I love my apartment more than is reasonable. Really, it's just an apartment but I freaking love it. The view, the second bedroom, all of it. I call it a palatial estate.

2. I have a tendency to repeat myself.

3. I'm pretty OCD about certain things - books, for example. If I read one by an author I like, I immediately have to read all of them by that author. More often in not, in order.

4. Speaking of reading, I just finished the Twilight books for the third time. I am officially an adolescent.

5. When I was growing up, in Oxnard, California, I was the only Indian person I knew. Except my sisters. There was this other Indian chick, who I never met, called Johanna Lalama. People used to ask me if I was related to her. I'm not.

6. I have seen Pearl Jam in concert eleven times: in San Francisco, San Jose, Mountainview, Denver, Camden NJ and NYC. In 2008, I sat in the second row at Madison Square Garden and can still cry just thinking about it.

7. I dream a lot. And usually remember them.

8. I got married when I was 25 years old.

9. I've never been to New Orleans, but want to go. I've been to lots and lots of states in the U.S., though. Thanks mom and dad!

10. I wish I had a fur coat to wear this winter. I know, huh? I'm a monster.

11. My first concert was Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam at the Ventura County Fair. I loved the song All Cried Out.

12. My first job was at Kinney shoe store in the mall. I couldn't hack it. Two weeks later, I started at Pizza Hut where I worked with a forty year old homie named Carmen who once threatened to kick my ass. Oh Carmen. You crazy bitch.

13. I can't believe how poorly the Cardinals are playing.

14. I love cooking.

15. I've never been on a cruise.

16. When I was a teenager, I drank a bottle of Southern Comfort with Kristina M. and will never drink it again. Ever. Not that anyone would ask me to.

17. I'm Indian and Indian. That means I've definitely seen Slumdog Millionaire. While eating Indian tacos.

18. I have a tendency to repeat things.

19. Every semester, I give a lecture about Bride's magazines to a bunch of undergraduates in Communications at NYU. None of them are ever married.

20. I used to be real religious. Taught Confirmation and everything. Thank you Nietzsche & Anne Rice.

21. I love DVR. Anything that allows me to fast forward through JC on America's Best Dance Crew is a genius invention.

22. I love Wisconsin. If you've never been, you should check it out.

23. I've had my blog for four years and think it's super fun.

24. Over the course of Jr. High, I smoked a carton of my Dad's 555 cigarettes,which he'd brought back from India, at the park around the corner. Me and Gabby, that is.

25. I'm going to see Will Ferrell's show on Broadway tomorrow and can't wait.

BFF: Go.


Ma said...

I`ve always maintained there are things that a parent is better off not knowing. e.g. I didn`t know about what Carmen said to you or about the Southern Comfort.
I think I will unsubscribe for awhile.(just kidding)
p.s. Anne Rice has a new book. Believe it or not she has gone back to her former religion but we won`t go there at least not in your blog.
I love you.

Randi said...

I'm up, dude!
And could your Ma be cuter? I just don't think so.

Anonymous said...

New Orleans is right near Alabama - maybe next time ya'll won't freeze up when playing pictonary! ohh!