Thursday, January 08, 2009

Writers Block

I seem to have a little writer's block this morning. I've:
  • checked the Oscar site to see if we can talk about that (too early).
  • tried to see when my first blog post was to see if this was some kind of anniversary (February 1st Coodence's World will be four years old!)
  • thought about different January happenings (Inaguration Day, MLK Jr. Day, Ang's birthday, Gab's birthday).
  • tried to think of anything I've seen on TV to talk to you about - not much, but I did watch The Daily Show last night and they had a hilarious bit about Indian people because of the whole Sanjay Gupta thing.
  • Oh yeah, that whole Sanjay Gupta thing. Rad. I love it when Indian people get in positions of power. I don't even care that Bobby Jindal is a republican - I just love that he's the freaking governor of Lousiana!! What what!

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Randi said...

Speaking of Indians...
On a very old Simpsons last night there was an ice cream truck in the 'hood and it said
Native American Indian Ice Cream
(formerly Big Chief Ice Cream)

I thought of you.

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