Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I love being inside on a day like today, even if its just inside my office at work and not inside my apartment, cozy on my couch with my libro and my coffee. I mean, if I had my druthers, you know which I'd choose, but this I can deal with.

It's all snowy and rainy and cold outside. I can see it perfectly from my window.
Babe has a black tie thing tonight. Black Tie Babe. Sounds like a type of Ken Doll.
Superbowl Sunday - does anyone care? I don't, really. I mean I'll watch it but I don't care who wins. Are there any Cal players on either team?


Anonymous said...

BTB - Black Tie Babe - LOL - I find it hysterical...

Ruby Doo said...

Go Cardinals! Please forgive my regional sports pride.

Randi said...

I look forward to Super Bowl Sunday solely because there is an off chance I can win the pool.
Oh and I get to eat a bunch of junk and drink a lot of beer.

Hung said...

JJ Arringotn is the back up running back for the Cardinals... Go Bears!