Monday, January 26, 2009


This weekend, I:
  • Had one drink at Kif, on DeKalb. Have you been there? It's very cute. Funny name, though, huh?
  • Had about five tacos at Ruby & Joaquin's. It took us like ninety minutes to get to Harlem, stupid 2/3 train. We ended up walking twenty minutes in fifteen degree weather to the 4/5, after picking up two bottles of wine and four little cakes. Then the 4 train which was running local so stopped maybe 150 times on the way to 125th street, then we walked another fifteen minutes in the freezing cold. I was jet lagged by the time we got there. Took thirty minutes and 35 dollars to take a cab home. Worth every penny.
  • Read one and a half books.
  • Loaded maybe thirty cds onto the computer - our music collection is almost entirely digitized. Now I need to buy a back-up for the computer!!


Randi said...

Dude! Did you get my texty? Watched Man v. Food and believe you should go here:

Brick Lane Curry House
Address: 306 E 6th St, New York, NY 10003

Jessicurl said...

This weekend you didn't: call me.

Pity party!