Tuesday, January 06, 2009


  • Babe and I saw Milk. One of my pals mentioned to me that it would make me miss San Francisco, and boy did it ever. This was a great movie - Sean Penn has got to be one of the best actors, maybe of all time? He totally becomes whoever he is playing. The movie tells the story of a part of the history of the gay rights movement and the story of the first openly gay person elected into major office. Obviously this movie is particularly timely, with the recent passing of the Prop 8 bill in California. Oh, and by the way? James Franco is so freakin hot in this movie he's worth every penny.
  • I totally watched Wall-E, too. What a strange and wonderful little movie this one is. It's a like Pixar meets Soylent Green. Have you seen it? It's basically a silent film based on a little robot (Wall-E) who cleans up the earth, after humans have left it a mess. The humans in this movie are so funny because they are totally fat and worthless. I was presently surprised to see Pixar make such a funny political statement and I wondered how the throngs of SUV driving, 98 ounce Mountain Dew drinking, suburban living moms and dads felt when watching this movie?


m.i.l. said...

I DO NOT drink mountain dew!

Randi said...

I like how instead of saying the people got fat they said they had "Significant Bone Loss." LOL

Nancy gurl said...

Soylent Green is People