Friday, January 16, 2009

Haiku Babe Do You Have My New Metrocard? Friday

My head is itchy.
I'm allergic to my hat.
Still gonna wear it.

Cuz it's ten degrees.
Did ya hear that, family?
It's below freezing.

People are loud here.
Voices. They really do carry.
Silence is golden.


m.i.l. said...

ahhhhhhh better you than me in the 10 degrees! it's to be 55 here today :). see guys.... denver does have it's good points! haha

Babe said...

In fact, I do have your new Metrocard. I'll give it to you tonight. But that probably doesn't help you for today, does it?

Randi said...

I have you way beat
It's in the 80s here, son!
No jacket for me!
I'm rubbing it in
It's what I was born to do
And I do it well
Last night's dinner? Loud.
This one old man's sneezes broke
The sound barrier

m.i.l. said...

oh randi. i figured you would be the one to one up me on the weather!:) (i knew if would be someone from CA haha)

Monica said...

I'm in Peterborough, Ontario and we are sitting at -28, which is about -18 for those of you south of the border. I won't even mention the windchill.