Tuesday, December 09, 2008

What's grosser than gross?

Two gross things, which do you think is worse?
  • I was at Babe's Christmas party on Saturday night. Talking to one of his coworker's daughters. (She's like our age.) She was talking about her fiance who was at the party, basically explaining to us how he was so sick, he'd never been that sick before in the five years she'd been dating him, but she made him come anyways. "Let me introduce you," she says. She walks us over to her fiance, who is the sickest he's ever been in five years, he pops an appetizer into his mouth, reaches out his hand, and shakes my clean hand with his revolting-and-vile-just-touched-my-mouth-sicker-than-I've-been-in-five-years-hand. I immediately excused myself and went to the bathroom to wash my hands.
  • Yesterday on my way to work, I passed by Sakae Sushi on W. 3rd and there were two huge dead rats lying on their sides. Dead.
Which do you think is worse? My vote? The rats.


Anonymous said...

I think the sick fiance is worse, unless the rats were inside the sushi place.

Nancy said...

Are you trying to get me to NEVER eat sushi again?!?!??!?! I would have died where I stood if I saw the critters--speaking of which I had ANOTHER dream about the eff-ers last night

Buzz said...

People need to have better accountability for their communicability. Dude shoulda never been there. Grabbing appetizers too?

My vote is for sick boy.

The rats? That's gross too, but who knows what sort of super virus dude was carrying

Monica said...

I'd have to go with the handshake. You didn't have to eat at the sushi place and you didn't have to touch or lick or shake the rats.
That she would bring her sicker-than-he's-ever-been-in-five-years fiance to a social event is inexusable!

Randi said...

My vote is the sicky face.

Don't get me wrong, rats are sick but you didn't have to touch them.

Ma said...

Hi Dude,
I "vote" for the dude passing all his gross germs around at the party. I also had a similar experience yesterday in church! This guy in front of me kept biting his nails during Mass then when it came time to shake hands with everyone during that part of the service I prayed he wouldn`t turn to me but I had to shake his gross paw. I have a solution though, ever resourceful. I carry hand sanitizer in my purse and immedately cleaned my hands.
Talk to you later.
Love, Ma

Jessica said...

At least you didn't have to shake hands with the rats.

Anonymous said...

Even if you didn't see the 2 dead rats outside Sakae Sushi, you still don't want to eat at Sakae Sushi. The food is not fresh and taste bad. It is a so called 'Japanese' restaurant run by Singaporeans. My friend who ate at the Sakae Sushi on 43rd street found a dead crocoach in the chicken skewer that she ordered. But anyway, both Sakae Sushi in New York closed down. I am not surprised at all.