Monday, December 22, 2008


  • It's fourteen degrees outside. Fo reals.
  • Babe and I hosted BWC and gave out ten bottles of wine.
  • I read two books.
  • Babe won four hundred dollars in his fantasy football.
  • I was spoiled rotten two times this weekend - had cookies at my friend's house, had dinner at another friend's place. Beautiful!
  • Did I mention that it is fourteen degrees?
  • We got two or three inches of snow.
  • Everyone admired my seven foot tree. I still owe you a picture!
  • Three days til Christmas!


Randi said...

Good lord, Babe! Congratulations!

m.i.l. said...

and here he was complaining at the time that he got talked into joining the football league! does that mean WE are all gonna have a great christmas now? :)

unknown legend said...

How in the hell do you have a 7ft tree? Did you install it horizontally? Silly cod.