Monday, December 15, 2008


Since I last talked to you, I:
  • Attended two holiday parties, and ate a hundred cookies and fifty eight servings of enchiladas. (Numbers might be a slight exaggeration.)
  • Made fifty-five holiday mailings (cards and what-not) (that number is not an exaggeration).
  • Decorated one apartment with Christmas decorations (not my apartment).
  • Bought three tops on major sale at Macy's in Brooklyn.
  • Bought five oranges.
And happy birthday to Anonymous. I mean Dave.


Nancy said...

Where is there a macy's in Brooklyn==any excuse to NEVER go to Herald Sq

Randi said...

I think I sent 42 cards total. Had to cut back and not send them to the folks that diss me every year.
Thought that counts MY ASS.