Wednesday, December 31, 2008

More thoughts on 2008

  • For me, this was the year of the vampire. I watched Buffy all summer, got sucked into True Blood, read the Buffy comics, read the Twilight Series, and the Sookie Stackhouse novels. Enough already!
  • This year, I went to Berlin and Prague. In the US, I went to Vermont, Phillie, Baltimore, Humboldt County!, the Bay, San Diego, Wisconsin, Glens Falls, Denver...I think that's it!
  • I went to three weddings.
  • I turned thirty-one.
  • I learned how to make pie.
  • I started the Brooklyn Wine Club.
  • I finally got a raise at work.
  • I had a pretty freakin good time just about every single day.


babe said...

Stackhouse ROCKS!

Randi said...

Babe's just saying that cuz it's his band name.


OMG - Here's to battle of the bands 2009.