Thursday, December 18, 2008


Last night's big work party was a ho-down theme, with mashed potatoes and lynchberg lemonade. And champagne poured into mason jars. That's my kind of party.
Finished the first Sookie Stackhouse novel last night. Steamy, ridiculous and I loved every word of it. Already bought the next one.
NYC is funny at Christmas time. It's all chilly and decorated and there is fresh citrus to eat every day. Oh oranges in the wintertime. Thank you for your vitamin C.
Me and Ang cry all the time. Anyone who knows me and my sister knows that. Tuesday, it was snowing out, and I was walking to the subway. This homeless dude was begging in front of Ben's Pizza and I saw this NYU student skirt around him, and I thought it was because the guy was gross. But then I heard the NYU student say, "Sure, what kind? Pepperoni, plain?" and I started crying.


Randi said...

Did you cry at Wall-E?

Jessica said...

I need to further investigate this Sookie Stackhouse. I could use a new book.