Friday, December 19, 2008

Haiku Friday

Separated from
my cellular telephone
for a whole evening.

The mail room had it.
Thank God for those guys. They ship
my stuff and find phones.

I will ask Santa
for a holster so I can
clip my phone to me.


Randi said...

A holster, she says
But yesterday I was mocked
For the suggestion
Mazel Tov, Coodence!
Glad you are reunited
With your Blackberry
I guess there are still
Honest people in the world.
Atta boy, mail room!

Monica said...

My cell phone is ne'er
Far from my hand, Or my ear,
Day out and day in.

I am connected,
And available to all,
At all hours of day.

Can this be normal?
I do not think I need this.
But who knows, maybe.