Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Almost there!

Santa's almost here, kids. Are you super excited, or what?

I'm checked in for my flight, but this pesky work day stands between me and my flight to Denver, however. And it's not like I don't have plenty to do. Cuz I do.

There's still snow on the ground. Frozen rock solid and often times the color of pee. Sorry, but it's true.

We got a package from UPS the other day, but weren't there to grab it (pesky work again!) and now its in Maspeth, NY. Maspeth, huh? Reminds me of Sleepy Hollow.

Speaking of Johnny Depp, I watched a bit of Willy Wonka last night. It's a great movie. He's so weird.


Nancy said...

I love Johnny
Have fun in Denver. If you have to bring me back 2 bags of chex party mix instead of one, I'll understand--HA

Buzz said...

I totally caught some of that last night after the football game.

It's the Oompa Loompas that disturb me. Having one dude cut and pasted all over the place. Just weird man.

Depp is one versatile mofo though.

Randi said...

I think the Oompa Loompas look like tiny Fabios. I wonder if that's a not very nice thing to say.
Not one of my top ten Depp roles though... not so much.
I prefer Gene Wilder. Wanna lick a wall in Mary's bathroom with me?

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