Tuesday, November 04, 2008


I waited for 1 hour and forty minutes to vote today. Vote even if you have to wait five hours. It is so important.

Please vote.


Nancy said...

I stood in/on line for an hour. I was around the corner from where I had to vote. I chatted it up with a man who lived in Sutton Place for 36 years and he told me, never not once in his lifetime, had he ever seen a line like he did today.

I felt proud--I felt like what devout catholics must feel like after a really good Confession.

I brought the volunteer in the booth with me, just to go over the logistics--to ensure I did not make a mistake.

I feel like marching in a parade.

Check out this article and print it out for tonight. It's like football stats for novis. It's a great check list!



Randi said...

This is so good to hear. It's like folks are turning out for a concert. Why not take all day to vote... your work HAS TO LET YOU HAVE THE TIME OFF TO DO SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!