Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Randi asked me to give my movie review and she is the boss of me, therefore give my movie review I shall. Don't you judge me, either. I had discount tickets.
  • For a teenage vampire flick this film lacked vampires.
  • For a teenage romance full of angst this film lacked romance and angst.
  • The vampires weren't scary, the teenagers weren't angsty, but the scenery was beautiful.
  • It was fine, really. But come on people. Vampires who can go out during the day? Hello. What kind of game are you playing at here??
  • Vampires who aren't scary but instead are glittery?
I think I finally got too old for the teenage horror romance genre, which has long been one of my favorites. Or maybe this was just a bad film?

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Randi said...

Wow. I don't think you mentioned the glitter...