Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Last night, I went to one of these work galas that people in non-profits often have to attend. I actually volunteered to work at the event and was a greeter, which meant that for two hours I stood there saying "Welcome!" "Hello!" "Right this way!" Frankly, I am an incredible greeter and know that I have a potential post-retirement career waiting for me at a Walmart in my neighborhood.

Anyways, what was totally different about this gala from any other I've ever been to was the entertainment portion of the event. This, I've never seen. They had Ashford & Simpson of songwriting and Solid, Solid as a Rock fame.

Who knew these aging R&B lyricists could still make it happen? Well they can, kids. People were on their feet!



Randi said...

Few things are as fun as the phone call I got from you last night.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if they play weddings? Apparently Natalie Merchant does not - or at least that is what her publicist said when I contacted her - OUCH!

Ma said...

Just wanted to say you`ll always be the best "greeter" in the whole world in my book. Walmarts business will surely increase when you are there.
Love, Ma