Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Incredibly Bad Thanksgiving Poetry

Tomorrow, we're eating a turkey.
Hopefully it won't be dry.
And Jenny's bringing pumpkin cookies.
Not to mention Babe is making a pie.
Kind of nice to have dinner at home.
Sometimes me and Babe go roam.
Go to Paris, Tulsa or Amsterdam.
In a few years, we'll eat with the fam.
Very chill holiday this year.
I'm glad to stay near.
Nice thanksgiving to you all.
Go eat a lot, enjoy the fall.


Jessica said...

Happy Thanksgiving - oh, and happy belated birthday, too!

Randi said...

I'm delicately applauding your prose whilst wearing white gloves and a monaacle.

Word Verification: Whoop. As in "there it is."

Ang said...

Happy Thanksgiving dude!