Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

A few things I'm thankful for:
  • Babe (hot husband).
  • Having two healthy and happy families to call my own (Babes and Mines).
  • My dear friends near and far (Can't list them here but you know who you are).
  • My rad apartment (Come and see).
  • A good ole job - particularly in this "crumbling economy" (the newest buzzword - or as Nancy puts it "rubble" circa 2001).
  • Living in NYC - the greatest city in the world (at least of the ones I've been to!)
  • That Barack Obama was elected president of the United States. Thank you everyone who voted.
  • The little free range turkey who gave up his life for me today.
I could go on but I'm really thankful for lots and lots and lots and lots of things. Hope you're having a beautiful day!

You be a pilgrim, I'll be the Indian. Have some pie.

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Jessica said...

Happy turkey day!!