Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Congratulations to us, to all Americans, on electing Barack Obama president of the United States! I once again feel proud to be an American and look forward to seeing this administration right the wrongs of the previous eight years.

Last night was incredible. I have never felt so happy and relieved about an election. Part of it, I think, was that I and so many people I know had a hand in making it happen.

I spent hours and hours and hours worrying about, discussing, debating, watching, listening and thinking about this election. I gave money for the first time in my life, did phone banking for the first time, and became more informed than I had ever thought possible. When, at 11pm last night, they announced his victory I could not stop the tears of joy from falling.
My enthusiasm is tempered only by the disappointment, humiliation and dismay over the imminent approval of proposition 8 by the great state of California. California, my home state and a place of great wealth, good ideas, and solid peeps is so riddled with hate, discrimination and fear that it would deny my brothers and sisters, equal to me in every way, the right to enjoy the personal freedom to marry their life partners. Words cannot express my sadness that this could happen in such an otherwise wonderful place. I hope that some day soon the government will enact a constitutional amendment granting gay people equal rights. That we should have to be at all sad on a day as great as today is almost too much to bear.


Nancy said...

I cried that this reign is finally over and a NEW DAY is here!!!!!

ceedee said...

I fully agree, Cod, and couldn't have said it better myself. Obama being president is mind-boggling and amazing. I can't wait to see what he will do. On Prop H8, I can only hope that it will be challenged in Supreme Court. The US Constitution provides for separation of church and state, and that's all that Prop h8 is, forcing someone's f-ed up religious beliefs on the rest of us. I am cautiously hopeful it will go down.

Randi said...

Amen, sister.
Prop 8... well I have no words. Actually yes I do - machismo and Catholicism.

Jessica said...

Last night was amazing, except for that Prop 8 crap. A man actually said to me today, "At least Proposition 8 passed so we can be done with that now." I wanted to kick him in the teeth, but I was at work.