Thursday, October 30, 2008

World Series, etc.

Had my board meeting this morning so that's a load off now that it is over with!
What's new with you guys, anyways? I feel like we never talk anymore. Ha!
Do you do the whole pumpkin carving thing? Me, not so much. I do love me a pumpkin though.
I have two pals running the marathon this weekend. Can you imagine? I cannot.
Did you guys see Will Ferrell as W on SNL last Thursday? Man that cracks me up.
So, congrats to the Phillies! I was rooting for the Tampa Bay Rays but in the end was glad the Phillies won. I mean I was happy for their fans who are long suffering. Next year maybe the Rays will go all the way. Or maybe the Yankees will actually make it to the playoffs.


Randi said...

Carving my punkin' tonight, yo!

Too soon?

Hypnosis said...

This series will be remembered for a very long time - no doubt about that... And congrats, Phillies!