Monday, October 20, 2008


Since Friday, since we last spoke, in the past three days, I:
  • Went to two birthday parties.
  • Drank two big German beers at Zum Schneider.
  • Made three lasagnas (and froze two).
  • Made eight bean and cheese burritos (and froze them all).
  • Walked six miles.
  • Drank two margaritas at Cafe Cubana.
  • Had twelve people and thirteen bottles of wine at my apartment.
  • Had one glass of wine spill and wreak havoc at said event.
  • Played two games of pass the pigs.
  • Had two houseguests for one night.
  • Gave a lecture to twenty-two undergraduates at NYU.
  • Sat in four hours of meetings.
  • Made a gallon of zero point soup.
  • Spent like two hundred dollars.


Michele S said...

Wow! Busy weekend!

Nancy said...

I need recipes lady

Jessicurl said...

Zero point soup? How could that possibly be good?