Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Yonkers. Ha!

It appears that some of you haven't gotten your essays in, on what you did this summer. That's fine but it's no way to start the school year, children.
One of the reasons I like my job is because there is so much different stuff to do all the time. From working on one project to coordinating groups of people, to fund raising, to event planning it's all there. But sometimes? When I look at my list and there are 15 different things to do and all of them are different, I sort of wish I was a one trick pony. That all I had to do was one type of thing.
My legs are officially hurting. After the 13 mile jaunt on Saturday (down Broadway, awesome!), and then a follow up 5 mile on Sunday, and the usual 4 mile on Monday, these legs need a break. A rest. An ottoman at my desk.
Babe's in Yonkers today. Ha! Yonkers. That still cracks me up.
It's almost birthday season, children! Jessicurl, your's is coming up, right? Got about 10 people at work who's birthday is in October, too, plus Nine's. Then of course it's November where we celebrate, among others, the birth of Me and Babe. Amen.


Anonymous said...

summer highlights include:

Getting engaged while hiking in the Adirondak Mountains

Seeing a sudden dealth 5 hotdog overtime showdown at Nathan's on th 4th of July.

Deck-lounging in Nantucket.

Nancy said...

Went to the beach--ONCE:(
Ate lots of lobster
Drank lots of cold chardonnay

Jessicurl said...

Summer = worldwide weddings.

And yes, it is almost my birthday (October 7), but seeing as I've had two bridal showers and a bachelorette party and wedding are just around the corner, I am not really feeling the need to have another me-focused event.

Got your reply card! So excited!