Tuesday, September 02, 2008


So many things going on, huh? What a busy time! We've got new VPs to discuss, labor day weekend travels, new beer gardens to review, and I even saw a movie I forgot to tell you about!

I'll start with some snippets and we'll see if we can't make this week a good blogging week. "We'll see."
  • Dark Knight - I finally saw a movie. Are you proud of me, or what? I thought it was pretty good. I like the special effects and I of course thought the Joker was amazing - really one of the scariest villians ever to be seen on the big screen. I thought the movie was a tad long and couldn't really deal with the whole Batman gravelly voice thing. Not for me, kids. Not for me. But overall I say thumbs up!
  • Went to the Franklin Park beer garden on Labor Day to check it out. They have a good happy hour and a nice crowd of people. Sort of a random spot - more industrial space less garden-y, but we had a good time.
  • I heard a woman on the light rail in Denver say: "That VP Pallin - I love her! She's a gun toting woman, that's my kind of lady." So, in case you're wondering why McCain would pick a relatively unknown woman for his running mate, it could be the whole NRA thing. At least partly.
  • I'll have to tell you more about COLORADO a little later, but we really had a great time and saw lots of things in the few days we were there. Unfortunately, I didn't bring my camera but it was really beautiful.

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Did a bird just shit on my face?