Monday, September 29, 2008

Poor me!!

Dudes, I totally tripped and fell on the way home from the debates on Friday night.

Bam. One of those tree trunk sidewalk dealies where the sidewalk is all uneven steven. Too bad I landed on MY FACE. Well I landed on my knee and shoulder first and just a bit on my face, but it looks pretty bad.

I look battered and bruised.

I am working from home today. Because I feel as though my face is too distracting to take to the work place.



Nancy and Jim said...

no way!!!
feel better!

Randi said...

Not to add insult to injury... but I think we all need photographic evidence.
Get well soon, Kiddo.

Jessicurl said...

A shame to bruise such a pretty face!

m.i.l. said...

i bet you really didn't fall but Babe smacked you cuz you kept going on and on about the debate on the way back home! haha

Buzz said...

Major Bummer!

You'll look like a seasoned warrior for the walk this weekend though.


Anonymous said...

This is where you make up some outrageous story that sounds much better then what happened.