Monday, September 22, 2008

My Summer Vacation

This summer, I:
  • Hosted guests from all parts of the globe. Or just all parts of California. From the rolling fields of Fresno, to the beautiful beaches of San Diego, to the tangled freeways of the East Bay people ventured to our apartment in Brooklyn for a vacation.
  • Went to a wedding in beautiful Vermont.
  • Drove to Wisconsin for Babe's work retreat.
  • Walked hundreds of miles in preparation for my Breast Cancer Walk on October 4th & 5th. Still time to donate!
  • Drove up to Glens Falls to check out the familials.
  • Saw two of our lovely friends be wedded at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.
  • Went to Denver for a visit to the familials, drank about 50 different types of microbrews.
  • Went to Cali for a fantastic week of chilling, walking, and beaching.
What did you do this summer?


Randi said...

I spent all summer talking/hearing about a wedding that is FINALLY OVER!!!!!

Buzz said...

Ditto what Randi said.